Bild aus Eisenwerk Grümer, typ APU 1812

  • Hallo,

    Ich besitze ein Bild aus Eisenwerk Grumer, Typ APU 1812.
    Ich wünsche, sie und die Veränderungen von den Gegenwert des TÜV in Frankreich.

    Aber ich hatte keine Typenschild auf der Achse, jeder weiß, welche Achse sie könnte?

    Hoffe, Sie verstehen mich, ich bin Französisch und nicht Deutsch sprechen, so dass ich einen Übersetzer.

  • Sorry :o

    So let's do it in English.

    I have an APU 1812 Eisenwerk Grümer frame, without identification plate on the axle.

    As I want to transform it and make the modifications validated by the DRIRE (the equivalent to TÜV in France), I need to know what axle it could be.

    Any other information about this frame is also interesting, as I got it naked.

    Thank you for your help.

  • Hallo

    Eisenwerk Grümer gibt es nicht mehr, daher wird es sehr schwer sein ohne Typenschild noch irgendwelche Daten zu bekommen

    die größte Chance könntest Du bei haben, diese haben noch viele Daten der Fa. Grümer

    Gruß Mani

    Babelfish translation

    Eisenwerke Grümer does not give it any longer, to get therefore it to be very difficult without vehicle identification plate still any data you could have the largest chance with, these have still many data of the company Grümer

  • Vielen Danke !

    Hope I could find out something there.

  • Hallo,

    I've got some more informations that perhaps could help you to help me.

    The frame was built in 1971. In those times, does Grümer made his own axle or it was from someone else ?

    Also, on the identification plate of the frame (I have this one, but none on the axle), I have ~F1160, so it must be at least a 1200kg axle ...


  • The problem here is not only wether or not you can find out which axle this is, but also, wether the DRIRE will accept that this is really the axle you tell them to be.

    The ~~F1160 states the number, under that this part has been tested and approved to be within regularities.
    Since you stated that the plate on which this number is printed/engraved on is not on the axle itself, but on the trailer's frame, I am afraid that this will not help you very much here.

    You do not have any documents that came with that trailer?

    Bitte keine Anfragen per PM an mich. Immer ins Forum posten, dann haben alle was davon!

  • Hello,

    Unfortunately, no document with the trailer :(

    And yes, the plate is only on the frame, no identification of any type on the axle itself :(

    As Grümer doesn't exist anymore, I think the only solution for the DRIRE is to take another axle with an identification plate ...